Johan Hellman – Nurse with experience from emergency care

Johan Hellman – Nurse with experience from emergency care

How do you experience the problem with hemolysed blood samples?

I have worked in the emergency department, where among other things, hemolysis is a problem since it quite often prolongs the treatment time of the patients. Even though the time for receiving blood analysis results from lab is fast, it can still take two hours before we get the answer. In addition, I find that many patients dislike being subject to needle stick, so if you both can get a fast answer from the lab and not have to redraw blood samples from the patents then it is a double bonus.

You have tested Hemcheck’s product concept, what is your experience?

Since I have been involved in testing Hemcheck’s product concept at an early stage, I can say that the end result feels very good. Now it is both simple to use and you can rely on the result. This is a good example of a concept being developed close to the end user.

Do you have any other comments on the concept?

Well I also see that the concept could be used outside in-patient care, for example in municipal health care. There, it happens that one take blood samples at a patient´s home, which can result in as much as a day’s delay before you know whether the blood sample can be analyzed or not.