Joen Averstad


Joen is the CEO of Hemcheck since May 2019. He previously worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and Qvartz, where he mainly worked with the development of private and public healthcare organizations, both in Sweden and internationally. He holds a MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics. Joen Averstad owns 1,200,000 warrants and 35,211 shares in Hemcheck.

Peter Andersson


Peter is head of sales and marketing, and deputy CEO, at HemCheck since 2018. He previously worked as a Country Manager at M Care AB and between 1993-2018 he worked as General Manager for Sarstedt AB, where he focused on products and instruments within laboratory medicine. Peter has a master’s degree in economy with a specialization in marketing and organization from the Gothenburg School of Economics. Peter Andersson owns 120,000 warrants in Hemcheck.

Robert Thorén


Robert is the CFO of HemCheck since 2016. Robert has a master's degree in economy and extensive experience working with small and mid-sized public companies. Robert has previously worked as a consultant for KPMG and as the CFO at Aker Solutions.

Björn Eriksson


Björn is the CTO of HemCheck since 2014 and is responsible for product development, manufacturing and quality. Björn was previously an analytical chemist at Cambrex and holds a PhD in analytical chemistry from Karlstad University, Sweden. Björn Eriksson owns 5,080 shares in Hemcheck.

Henrik Duhalde


Henrik is a clinical specialist and joined HemCheck in 2015 to take responsibility for clinical trials and customer relations. Henrik is a registered nurse with a specialization in anesthesia and has several years of experience from working in emergency care. Henrik Duhalde owns 2,484 shares in Hemcheck.

Eva-Lotta Palm


Eva-Lotta is a production manager at HemCheck since 2017 with responsibility for evaluation, quality control and regulatory documentation. Eva-Lotta previously worked as an analytical chemist at Cambrex, Karlskoga and has a master's degree in Chemistry from Karlstad University. Eva-Lotta Palm owns 4,125 shares in Hemcheck.

Michael Lundh


Michael has been working with quality assurance at Hemcheck since 2016. He has long experience in the field of quality assurance in Medtech both as employee and consultant.