Hemcheck evaluates the possibility of CE marking its products for diagnostic purposes

After Hemcheck received good feedback from the study at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, as well as receiving good indications from other user tests, the company has decided to evaluate the possibility of developing and CE-marking the products for diagnostic purposes, which is not the case today. There are several customer segments where hemolysis is an analysis that directly helps to diagnose a patient’s condition. The volumes are smaller in these segments compared with, for example, the broader emergency care. At the same time, the analysis is already part of the established care processes, and the price levels are clearly higher.

CE marking for this purpose means some technological development and higher regulatory classification of Hemcheck’s products since the risk to patients are higher. A preliminary project has already been carried out and now the work of evaluating how this process is to be carried out is entering an active phase.

– There is a lot of potential for the company in this area, if we finalize the work. It broadens the range of uses for our products and increases the potential for profitable growth, says Joen Averstad, CEO of Hemcheck.

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About Hemcheck

Hemcheck Sweden AB, founded in 2010, produces and commercializes a patented CE-marked concept for point of care hemolysis detection. The concept consists of disposable tests as well as readers that can very quickly, directly upon sampling, identify hemolysed blood samples in vacuum tubes and blood gas syringes. Hemolysis, ruptured red blood cells, is the most common reason globally why blood samples cannot be analyzed accurately. Hemcheck’s goal is to contribute to improved healthcare by offering user-friendly services for the detection of hemolysed blood samples in direct connection with blood sampling. By doing so, Hemcheck can contribute to increased patient safety, more efficient processes and lower costs. The company is based in Karlstad and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

FNCA Sweden AB, 08-528 00 399, info@fnca, is the Certified Adviser to the company.