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Helge® ensures that hemolyzed blood samples are quickly and easily detected at the time of sampling.

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Helge contributes to better care flow, reduced costs and, above all, increased patient safety.

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In progress

CE-mark attained on the product concept for hemolysis detection in blood vacuum tubes

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HemCheck is listed on Nasdaq First North. Are you interested in more financial information about the company?

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The product concept

All HemCheck operations are based on the development of the Helge product concept. The product consists of two different disposable tests, one for blood gas syringes and one for test tubes, and a common reader that quickly and easily determines whether the blood sample is hemolyzed or not. The aim is to find hemolyzed blood samples in a few seconds directly after the point-of-care (blood-sampling) test.

News and Press releases

Hemcheck participates at EuroMedLab


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Hemcheck obtains CE-mark for hemolysis test for vacuum tubes


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HemCheck obtains CE-mark for hemolysis test for blood gas syringes


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Are you the one we are looking for? We will now strengthen our team with a Quality Assurance Manager


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Anna Dalgaard becomes new chairman of HemCheck


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