Making every sample count

”Hemolysis is a major issue for the ER, and point-of-care detection of hemolysis significantly improves patient care and reduces our work load”

Every year, millions of blood samples worldwide are discarded and cannot be analyzed due to hemolysis.

hemCheck is developing a simple, yet sophisticated product addressing the issue of hemolyzed blood samples. The product is a fast and reliable point of care test, ensuring the quality of every sample taken. Saving lives, reducing costs and improving health care quality. Making every sample count.

About us

Hemcheck Sweden AB (hemCheck) is a public medical technology company based in Karlstad, Sweden. hemcheck is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. hemCheck was founded in 2010 based on an invention by Dr. Mathias Karlsson.

Company presentation with Annelie Brolinson, CEO

Investerardagen in Stockholm August 28, 2017

Press Release


Company mingle at Karolinska institute

Many interesting meetings today at Company mingle, Karolinska institute. Internship projects for postdocs and early career researchers. For more information visit:...